Harriet andersson ung

Harriet andersson ung |At the Sodra BB hospital in Stockholm, Harriet Andersson was born. She is the daughter of Johan Valfrid Harry Andersson , a flag officer, and Agda Teresia Mattsson, who remained unmarried throughout her life She spent her childhood in Vasastan, specifically on Dannemoragatan and the surrounding blocks.

She started her career as an actress in the film Skolka skolan after attending Calle Flygare Teaterskola when she was only 15 years old. After that, she became a student at Oscarsteatern, where she performed in children’s matinees of Annie Get Your Gun and Snow White.

Her first film role was in Skolka skolan (1949). She also performed in revues at the Scala Theater when she was younger. During one of those shows, she sang “Do you want a summer with Monika?” among other songs. Following that, she has appeared in more than a hundred other roles.

Her breakthrough came about when she appeared in films directed by Ingmar Bergman, with whom she also shared a home for a few years. When they first met, he was already married, and she had been engaged to Per Oscarsson since the evening of New Year’s Eve in 1951.

Between the years 1953 and 1956, she was employed at Malmo Stadsteater, where she appeared, among other things, in a number of works that were directed by Ingmar Bergman. She gained recognition for her performances, among other things, in Ingmar Bergman’s productions of Pirandello’s Six characters are looking for a writer and Franz Kafka’s Castle, as well as for her portrayal as Rakel in Vilhelm Moberg’s Lea and Rakel.

Harriet andersson ung
Harriet andersson ung

In Vildanden, she was also recognized by the name Hedvig. In 1956, she went back to Stockholm and played the title part in the freshly written play adaptation of Anne Frank’s diary that was performed at Intiman. This brought her a lot of attention in Stockholm.

Harriet andersson ung
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The summer of 1953 brought Harriet Andersson her first major success with the film Monika, which was directed by Ingmar Bergman. After that, Bergman crafted roles just for her in movies like Night of the Jesters, A Lesson in Love, Summer Night’s Smile, and As in a Mirror. In addition, she has appeared in a number of films from other countries and collaborated with notable directors such as Mai Zetterling, Stig Bjorkman, Jorn Donner, and Lars von Trier.

Andersson has had a singular presence on the screen that has been an inspiration to a number of different generations of filmmakers thanks to his remarkable combination of the earthy and the ethereal.

The Swedish Film Institute intends to pay special attention to the 90th birthday of the Swedish film star by planning a unique homage for the occasion. Jorn Donner’s Att alska will be shown in Filmhuset’s Bio Victor on Monday, February 14 at 5:30 p.m. as part of an event celebrating the director’s work.

The movie was released in 1964 and was in contention for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, where it was awarded the Coppa Volpi for best actress to Harriet Andersson. Monica Vitti was one of the other actresses that competed for the award.

The evening’s festivities will be kicked off by film journalist and author Jan Lumholdt, who is most known for penning her famous biography, as well as filmmaker Christina Olofson, who has worked with Harriet Andersson on two separate occasions.

The film “Summer with Monika,” which was directed by Ingemar Bergman and released in 1953, was Harriet Andersson’s big break in the industry.

In the late 1950s, she started a relationship with the actor and director Gunnar Hellstrom, but in 1959, she tied the knot with a farmer from Scania named Bertil Wejfeldt.

She wished she could handle everything with a bit more composure, but she already regretted her choice to get married even before the wedding ceremony:

When I was about halfway up towards the choir, I had the idea, “Now is the time for me to turn back and leave.” However, she claims that I did not.

Harriet Andersson says that she deeply regrets both the hurriedly arranged marriage and the impetuous character that led to it. She moved back to Stockholm in 1962 and resumed her collaboration with Ingmar Bergman the same year; the following year, in 1964, her marriage to the farmer came to an end. She moved in with the filmmaker Jorn Donner not long after they began their passionate relationship, which lasted for several years.

Harriet Andersson has been living alone for more than 30 years, despite the fact that she has been in a couple more relationships in her life.

As soon as I moved into this apartment, I made the decision that the bathroom floor would never again be covered with dirty socks and underwear. This apartment is only for me, however I may have guests stop by occasionally.

After the recording was complete, they parted ways with their respective families and Harriet Andersson moved in with the director in an apartment that was close to the director’s previous residence.

She distinctly recalls that as she was standing on the balcony smoking, she was able to observe Gun standing nearby and putting his son to bed.

I was quite nervous about meeting her.After all those years of not seeing each other, it was only after Bergman and Andersson had ended their relationship that they unexpectedly ran into each other on a cold winter day.

As I turn the corner, there’s a loud bang, and I’m startled when I collide with a woman. It is a Gun. There, we remain standing and exchange looks with one another. Then we both burst into fits of laughter.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Andersson was extended an invitation to join her for a cup of tea, which she gladly accepted.

minns att hon när hon stod på balkongen och rökte kunde se Gun stå i närheten och lägga sin son.

Jag var ganska nervös över att träffa henne.Efter alla år av att inte träffas var det först efter att Bergman och Andersson hade avslutat sin relation som de oväntat stötte på varandra en kall vinterdag.

När jag svänger hörnet hörs en hög smäll och jag blir förvånad när jag krockar med en kvinna. Det är en pistol. Där blir vi stående och byter blickar med varandra. Sedan brast vi båda ut i skrattanfall.

I slutet av mötet fick Andersson en inbjudan att gå med henne på en kopp te, vilket hon gladeligen tackade ja till.