Olle Alsing Föräldrar

Olle Alsing Föräldrar |Olle has accomplished a great deal despite his young age, and we truly look forward to continuing to develop him in all areas with us in Leksands IF, says sports manager Thomas Johansson in a statement. “We genuinely look forward to continuing to develop him in all areas with us in Leksands

According to sources to the newspaper, Olle Alsing would have returned to Djurgården if the squad had managed to stay in the SHL. The changeover, however, ceased to be important once it was established that the team would be playing in the hockey allsvenskan instead.

Instead, the best defender will make their way back into the Leksandstrayan in an effort to make a comeback.

Alsing most recently played for the Barys Nur-Sultan team in the Kontinental Hockey League.

Olle Alsing ar tjugo år och has spelat I Almtuna hela sitt vida. Han skrev på ett två-årskontrakt med deras A.lag 2014Jag valde att vara kvar och gå på gymnasiet I Uppsala. Och så fick jag chansen I A-laget ganska tidigt.

Olle berattar att det gjorde att han kunde bo kvar hemma och koncentrera sig på ishockeyn. Hans pappa har också spelat I Almtuna så Olle har starka band till Uppsalaklubben. Darfor var det inget sjalvklart val att lamna och flytta till Leksand.Men nu tycker jag att jag tagit ratt beslut.

Olle Alsing Föräldrar
Olle Alsing Föräldrar

Han blev stolt over att bli tillfrågad. eftersom det var ett kvitto på att han gjort ratt saker med sitt spel.Almtuna overraskade de flesta forra sasongen och Olle låter stolt nar han berattar att de som lag var tippade sist, men att de andå tog sig till slutspelsserien. Ex- leksingen Niklas Eriksson var Olles tranare unter seniortiden.

Olle Alsing Föräldrar
PAPPA Anders Alsing.

Det har varit mycket utvecklande att spela under Niklas.If someone has wonderful things to say about my future or things that could happen, I do my best not to get caught up in it and instead focus on living in the now and now.

Alsing was given a contract by Leksand prior to the start of the 2016–2017 campaign. In point of fact, he was scheduled to play in the hockey allsvenskan; nevertheless, Leksand replied with a miracle season and was promoted to the SHL, which was something that very few people imagined would happen.

After that, I was moved to ninth back, which meant that I had to spend most of the beginning of the game sitting in the stands. But in the end I told Perra Johnson (the coach at the time) that I was ready if he wanted to play me.

After that, I was given the opportunity to play for the remainder of the season, albeit with restricted ice time. But looking back, I don’t think I was really prepared for the SHL because everything had happened so quickly, says Alsing.

During the same year that Leksand left the SHL, Alsing was given a substantially larger role in the club’s operations in the hockey allsvenskan. He quickly earned everyone’s trust and quickly became the team’s most capable point guard.